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Trying to be independent

This week I made a practical mistake…not something that would hurt anyone apart from me…although I suppose it would have affected the family.I decided I was going to hang two of my paintings in my flat, instead of palming them off as gifts to friends or family. I’d bought two packs of those Velcro stickyContinue reading “Trying to be independent”

An Ode to my Scooter

An ode to my scooterOh scooter of mine, how I love Thee.You give me freedom from my ME.You fit in my hallway, oh so small.I sit folded in half, as I’m very tall. We trundle and bump along damaged paths-Getting up and down kerbs, plenty of laughs.You have to laugh or you’d cryCouncils really needContinue reading “An Ode to my Scooter”

Art with ME

Recently, feeling quite weary, and confined to my bed or chair and flat, I remembered the Art of Zentangle and Doodling. I’d given my coloured pencils and pens away, encouraging my daughter to relax by colouring, so ordered a new set from Amazon…I’d thought about going to The Works, but recognised I hadn’t the energy.Continue reading “Art with ME”

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