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Today I have been reminded why I thought it would be such a good idea in getting involved in setting up a local U3A a number of years ago, after I’d retired. We are celebrating seven years later this month, which I am looking forward to.I had read about the organisation beforehand, and realised itContinue reading “U3A”

Jigsaws-a metaphor for life?

I decided I must ‘do’ the jigsaw that family bought me for Christmas, after my granddaughter coloured me a rainbow on an artist’s board for my ‘special’ birthday. I haven’t done any jigsaws for about 18 months, after a spell and run of them. A bit like many of my ‘interests’ I get really involvedContinue reading “Jigsaws-a metaphor for life?”


First part written whilst at the mobility centre, sitting on my walker in the car park on my phone. It has been a warm sunny day, so that was good. More confusing and waffling than usual. I will have to Blog about this but why oh why did it never occur to me after moreContinue reading “Batteries”

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