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My Love of Driving

Disclaimer: A reminder of the name of my Blogging Site…’Waffling with me.’ Blogs might not just stick to the subject of the title…be prepared for ‘wandering,’ and on this occasion, a long one. ———————————————————————————————————— Today, a cartoon shared on FB triggered off many thoughts on my love of driving over the years, right back toContinue reading “My Love of Driving”

That’ll Larn Me

Despite my good intentions, the washing called to me. I was determined not to do any, I’m on ‘holiday’ you see. But no, the sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze. ‘O why not?’ I thought, the moment I would seize. I even worked out the new machine, my pleasure it was growing. AlthoughContinue reading “That’ll Larn Me”

Clarity, precision…clear instructions (I don’t think it’s me, or ME fog)

I was interested to read a post on FB yesterday, from a young woman with severe ME, puzzling over and explaining her loss of words, replacement with the wrong words, and general frustration of the ways in which ME affects our brain, particularly when you are a writer, or have previously communicated a lot inContinue reading “Clarity, precision…clear instructions (I don’t think it’s me, or ME fog)”

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