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Latest from the Blog

Sleepless Night

A sleepless nightReason for my sleepless night?A phone call gave me such a fright!An inspection of my flat,I wasn’t expecting that!At least five years have passed,Since the agent did the last.I was ‘reassured, ‘we’re doing them all,’But I really wasn’t expecting the call! During the day, I felt okBut come night time, my mind went…

The Old House

Another writing homework exercise- The Old HouseThe house knew who it liked, loved. Those who appreciated living there. Those who used and abused it. Those who added utilitarian rooms which allowed more folk to live there. Those who brought love into the house, and those who caused upset, discord and unhappiness. It watched, waited and…

Short story-Christmas and New Year

The car coughed and spluttered, juddered and slid to a halt against a tree. ‘No, No, No!!’ I crumpled against the steering wheel, head resting on my folded arms. Could it get any worse? Yes, the engine refused to restart. Of course, I could hear my dear old Dad saying, ‘Don’t do that, you’ll flood…

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