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Making a difference

I belong to a FB poetry group and yesterday saw the suggestion of a theme for poems. Having been to my U3A writing group the day before, followed by a visit to the opening of The Studio, at Whittlesey Salvation Army, surrounded by crafts and creativity, I was hyper, and my creativity woken up. I wrote my Friday morning reflection having been inspired by the visit and have now written two poems about ‘Making a Difference.’

I share my writing on different platforms and pages, and it is not all in one place. Today, I will share the two poems here.

Making a difference
Making a difference, in a good way,
Can be something we do, or something we say.
It can be a smile, a touch, a warm embrace,
Connecting with each other, the human race.

We can make a donation, share a prayer
Send a card, a letter, showing we care.
Being aware of the news, near and far,
The horrors of war, or a bright shining star.

People of all faiths, or none, share a concern
Hoping that all of us and future generations learn
From the trouble that may come our way.
We can make a difference every day.



Making a difference 2
There is a group of people I admire in this town,
They go round picking up litter, others have thrown down.
I see them in their bright fluorescent jackets,
Picking up cans, bottles, packets,
Thoughtless others have left lying around,
Making a mess, cluttering up the ground.

No matter what the weather, this amazing group
Meet up monthly, sometimes in laybys, off they troop.
Clearing up after others, making it safer for everyone,
Some even make it look like they’re having fun.

I have passed a gent on his mobility scooter, sack in hand
Picking up rubbish, left lying on the land
Around our river, on the streets, dangerous for animals and birds.
And those lazy dog owners, leaving their dogs t….!!!
Thoughtless, lazy? Why don’t those who litter care?
Take away bags, thrown from car windows, everywhere.
It’s simple, just take
it with you, put it in your bin at home.
What a difference that would make.

Grateful thanks to the Whittlesey Litter Pickers.



Published by purplesandyh

A reader, writer, Artist, Mum, Grandma, Preacher, friend. Love my life and appreciate amazing skies and countryside. Love animals.Have my own style, purple often included.

6 thoughts on “Making a difference

  1. Had quite a number of poems published in the past in anthologies. The U3A is an organisation for retired/semi-retired people to meet with others in a variety of interest groups. I helped set up our local U3A group 7years ago, and initially set up 23 groups, from Art, to walking. We now have many more groups, and I have tried quite a number. Currently my main interests are the writing and cinema groups, plus the monthly meeting with a speaker, and any celebrations. It is a nationwide thing. In fact, other countries might have it too?

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