And now I’m reminded why I’ve been so happy to rent my flat, for nearly 7 years. Anything goes wrong, needs repairing I ring the agent.
House sitting again currently for the family again, third time this year. It’s my holidays.
I could ignore the flush system on the downstairs toilet breaking on the first day here, it’s always been temperamental. But this time you can’t just hook the thing up again in the cistern as previously, you have to immerse your arm to the bottom of the water and lift the circular cover on the hole where the water exits…ok, only use that toilet occasionally. ( Note technical terms!) Even the beeping smoke alarm on the landing all week I can ignore as I’m sleeping at the other end of the corridor. I’ve always struggled with the lock on the summerhouse door. Yesterday I said to Alice, it doesn’t feel right, it feels as if it’s broken. But last night, felt I must lock it up. I lock all the doors and dogs inside if I’m upstairs!
So, just now, going to get out the two cushions for the garden chair…the door won’t unlock! BOTHER! Or another word beginning with B I used a few times. Now it’s ok as the weather is fine, but I love sitting in the summerhouse if it’s raining or cold. It had better not be that for the next week! There are other cushions in a garden storage box, but there’s a canoe over the top of that, round the side of the summerhouse, surrounded by fallen fruit. Not a place I can easily access or want to…
PS…the handle has come off the key in the lock too…
PPS…I am seeing answers to prayers constantly and helped in the recovery of someone’s lost cat which had been missing for four months. So, I’m very happy, and using cushions on the chair from the dining room.
I’ve always said you can’t have too many cushions, when my daughter and granddaughter groan if I look at more in shops.
Just now need to hope Alice’s cat Archer is found…again!!!
PPPS Yesterday I tripped and slipped several times and was lucky to recover before I fell fully. So today I need to be very cautious. Dog toys on the floor kitchen, rocks in the garden, flipflops catching on steps!
PPPS- as usual, need very few clothes, living in swimsuit and short pjs…and in the jacuzzi a LOT!
Think maybe I needed to make the main Blog longer and not keep adding postscripts. I am exhausted by the steps I travel in a day here, the premises being much larger than my one-bedroom flat, and obviously having to go upstairs far more than at home. Sometimes I don’t go down stairs at all in a day or several in my first floor flat. Here, I live outside in the garden as much as possible, having all my meals and many coffees out there. And I’m ignoring my mobile which says I’m using one or two calories a day…RUBBISH!
Ok, back to lazing outside, it’s a tough call.
August 2022

Published by purplesandyh

A reader, writer, Artist, Mum, Grandma, Preacher, friend. Love my life and appreciate amazing skies and countryside. Love animals.Have my own style, purple often included.

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