What to do today? Am I bored?

Currently, I am sitting in bed, with pink hair colour ‘taking’ on my head. I think I’ve already ignored the buzzer on the cooker. I decided to try sitting diagonally on my mattress, adjusting the position, to try and find a more comfortable area, as my bottom seems to be sinking into a dip in the middle. I only noticed this on return after my recent break in a caravan, where the bed was very comfortable. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Sleeping in a strange bed is difficult? As I have a double bed, I am now going to try sitting in the corner on one side, until that becomes uncomfortable, and then I have another side to try. I’ve turned it twice in recent weeks, but it made no difference. This bed is supposed to ‘see me out!’ Didn’t they have beds in the old days that passed down the generations, seeing births and deaths in them? Are we just too soft or critical these days? I’ve only had this about 11 years, the same time as my new hips. I don’t know what it is, but the sciatic nerve that has been set off again, is no joke. I remember the first time it occurred, I looked in wonder at the physiotherapist who was suggesting all these gymnastics that would release the nerve, wondering how she expected me to get up and down from the floor in the first place? I try my own manoevres as best I can, wriggling, swinging, and moving the leg from side to side. Shame I can’t get up and down my stairs very often, that’s a good movement.

So, I wondered about having a drive across the Fens, to some shops in another place, that family have recommended, but I had the car cleaned yesterday! It will get muddy. My poor old car was treated every three months or so, to a wash on the outside. This wonderful new car I have, had a clean inside and out before the trip away, and now on her return. But, I am loving the new car, Enid, so called due to letters in the number plate, my usual unimaginative way of naming my cars. The previous was Hew, and the one before that Dilys. I knew Dilys was meant to be my car, as she was delivered on my birthday, was lilac, not the blue my girls had insisted I order, and Dilys was the name of the amazing, inspirational primary school teacher I had for two years. Enid is gold, like Hew was, and an unexpected find as we went out viewing cars. I had never heard of the model. I always say ‘God sent.’ I am sure she is inspiring me to imagine longer drives, as we come out of covid restrictions, I am even considering we could travel to France again. Being automatic is actually incredible, making life much easier, not the complication I thought my brain might have with it. There are rear sliding doors, which is so much better gaining access in car parks. And I have been able to take my scooter places, as there is so much room with the seats down in the back. I’m sure I’ve written about the ramps I have to get the scooter in previously? And people who have helped me?

I also considered a visit to the tattoo parlour to add names to my first tattoo, which I designed a few months back. That first tattoo was for my 60th I think, so maybe adding them for my 70th next year is a good idea. Possibly rinsing my hair now would be a good idea too. I have plenty of knitting, sewing, Art projects on the go, and have meetings this week, plus my third covid jab and a scan at the hospital at the weekend, so maybe I should take it easy today?? Oh, and just remembered, I need to pack ready for a week of dog and house sitting for the family, whilst they do go to France! Cancelled twice due to covid, and a well needed break for them all.

I wish to assure all three of my followers, that my waffling is in no way connected to avoiding household chores! Although, delaying some of the more not so interesting, like emptying bins. I love doing the laundry. It’s more a question of ‘doing something’ and not being lazy, whilst waiting for the one or two caffeinated cappuchinos to kick in every morning. Ok, I try and avoid caffeine, but as my Kate so bluntly puts it every so often, when I question the health aspect of it, ‘Well I know I’d prefer one or two cups of coffee with caffeine rather than medication,’ and I have to agree. I also enjoy them very much. Seems at my stage of life I have to weigh up pleasure, health, what works and what doesn’t, in the case of my body and the things I eat and drink. And we can’t actually work out our life span as my son so eloquently put it at the weekend when I questioned one of his habits. I know that full well, and have done since my 20s, when my much younger brother died. I suppose I have paid too much attention to ‘advice,’ from seeming experts ever since. But also watched whilst others made decisions about their lifestyle, that I didn’t agree with, and I had to live with the consequences, until it finally became too much for my own health and sanity.

So, the washing is on, dry washing folded, bins emptied, hair bright pink, sitting having a black decaf coffee now, with many choices of hobbies and maybe even some programmes to watch on tv, Netflix or catch up. What a great life, and I intend to make the most of each day whilst I can, and feel very thankful.

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A reader, writer, Artist, Mum, Grandma, Preacher, friend. Love my life and appreciate amazing skies and countryside. Love animals.Have my own style, purple often included.

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