My Day of Rest

Did you know you can stay in bed all morning and still not rest? I have spent what feels like hours ordering a lamp from Asda. Simple you’d think? But to buy the light bulbs to go with it, you are redirected to groceries. And have you seen how many types of bulbs come up even when you put specific details? Checked on Amazon too, and Ebay. In the end, rang Asda to find out how to order bulbs and lamp at the same time. Groceries transferred me to George (name of clothes and household part of Asda) they insisted I need to speak to Groceries. I expained I had and they said I needed to speak to them at George. Person said she’d transfer me to a different person. Needless to say, sounded like the first person. I was struggling to understand them as they speak so quickly. Simply I think, there is a minimum order for ordering on line from groceries (2 light bulbs wouldn’t meet that) the shop might not have them even if I’ve checked availability and shop in my area. Thanked them, for what? Their help I said. Sarcastic, not me? Loathe to buy a lamp without bulbs, well, you couldn’t use it could you, I thought I’d check Argos where my recent lamp came from. Suddenly, remembered my pack came with 2 bulbs. What are the chances? Different lamp?? Exactly the bulb I’ve been searching for nearly two hours? But I need a spare. So, decided to order the lamp from Asda. Already been asked if I have an account? Maybe, was my response. I ordered a dinner service from them 6 years ago. Tried to register. You have an account. So went down the route of forgotten password as it is not in my little book. Reset password, with a code pinged through on phone I’m using for order. Or attempted order. Tried again. Details not recognised!!!!? Anyone else recognising this saga?? Too much shopping yesterday means I want to order from my bed! Made three attempts to change the name of the person collecting the order, (not me!), PayPal would not recognise me either. Made a decision when said person could collect the order, and have yet to decide whether to try and order the bulbs from Argos now or later? So much for RESTING today!! Second cappuchino and finishing the biscuits I MUST give up…Hopefully the new lamp will be the absolutely, blooming marvelous gift it was supposed to be. Pleasure in giving tainted somewhat.

Second half of my Day of Rest

I rather lost my mojo and any inclination I may have felt to get up for the afternoon. I have plenty of knitting projects and there’s always Netflix, but no, didn’t feel like it. Then I finished my Kindle book. Maybe it was the caffeine? It often gets blamed for bursts of energy, or chatting nineteen to the dozen. I became aware of sitting in a dip in the mattress and a further twinge of the sciatica that’s been niggling, ever since I turned the mattress over and around, before my short break. There hadn’t been a problem before that. I had noticed that the base seemed dented, at the top half of the bed, and after much discussion over another mattress belonging to a family member and visiting bed shops, wondered if that was causing my current aches? So what does one do, if you are me, on a day I’ve decided to rest? Turn the base of the bed around, so the slightly worn top half, will go at the bottom of the bed, and the other half, will become the top. First, to take off the headboard that has been loose since I moved here, 6 years ago. I persevereved, in spite of overheating and only having a very old screwdriver I think must have been my Dad’s. But they don’t make them like that any more. Like my Dad or the screwdriver. Great sense of achievment once I’d removed the headboard, but it was blinking heavy to move against the wall under the window.

“I can do this properly'” I thought, taking off all the bedding I only put on at the weekend, trundling it through to the living room and throwing it on the sofa. Why make a mess of one room when you can cause chaos in two? At least I am limited these days in my flat. I always enjoyed moving furniture around and having a good clean, and then relaxing in a totally changed room. Again, I am restricted here, but have managed it a few times. So, having developed different techniques since not being quite so fit, and always being aware that I want my replacement hips to last, there’s a sort of push, shove, pull, manipulate the base onto it’s side, ensuring the drawers underneath don’t fall out. Oh, I had moved the mattress off first, and that wasn’t light! And there is limited space in my bedroom. Of course, I instantly realised I needed to get the hoover and clean where it hadn’t cleaned for a while. More climbing over and shifting things in the way, whilst the errant bed base stood on it’s side, abandoned.

And yes, it did occur to me as I heaved and hauled, that it would have been much better, if a) I’d removed the four full drawers from under the bed, b) taken everything out of them, because how could I live with them all being in the wrong place and out of order once the base was in a different position, and c) remembered the base was in two halves and I could have separated them and moved half at a time!!

But hey, why change the habit of a lifetime and do things the easy way????

I did have to have several glasses of water and take a few brief rests, and grab a towel to mop my tomato red face and sweating brow. I did have to empty all the drawers and sort them out, because I can’t cope with going to drawers in future for tops and they are in a drawer on the opposite side of the bed and to be confronted with leggings and shorts. And the Christmas bedding was in the drawer where thick jumpers live. Well, a few of them, I have MANY! I did manage to sort out a few, just a few bits to put in a charity bin, and maybe a few tops to see if a family member would like them. Having accepted at the weekend that the pounds are piling on again, (well, I did enjoy a week of treats) but the Pandemic has led to comfort eating, and finding much pleasure in eating and drinking.

So, it remains to be seen if turning the base of the bed around and all my hard work have made any difference to my comfort in bed, and releasing the sciatic nerve. You’d think that maybe all that exercise involved would help somewhat. I really don’t want to buy a new bed. As with many possssions now, I and my son in law, keep using the phrase,

” That hopefully will see me/you out!”

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A reader, writer, Artist, Mum, Grandma, Preacher, friend. Love my life and appreciate amazing skies and countryside. Love animals.Have my own style, purple often included.

5 thoughts on “My Day of Rest

  1. I know I can stay in bed all night and still not rest, but that’s a different issue.
    I can sympathise with the bed though. My kids have invited themselves for Christmas, which means they’ll have the two bedrooms (to accommodate camping cots and camp beds for their respective kids) we’ll have the motorhome and my single son will have the summerhouse.
    Already I’m looking at the bedroom with different eyes!
    But it’s too soon for the bedroom; yesterday was stage one in making the summerhouse habitable again. Yesterday I upset whole colonies of spiders and today hubby is practicing his plastering on the ceiling that was mended after the roof was replaced following a leak. Then we will have to replace parts of the decking so that the doors will open and the door hinges… and the mattress that had to be thrown out after the flood…
    All I need now is my daughter in New Zealand to say she can come over – she’s longing to. Then she and partner will have the summerhouse (for some reason she likes it in there) and single son gets to sleep in the living room with all the dogs.
    Unless he brings his latest girlfriend…
    We may borrow next door’s tent for the garden.

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  2. I remember Christmases like that in the past. My Mum missed those days. I started catering and putting people up once married in my early twenties. I used to dream of going away each year. Yet, I love Christmas itself. Must admit, these days I like a quiet time. But I am very fortunate as my family live locally.

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  3. We used to have my sister and her family every Christmas and our mum. And anyone else who happened to be living with us or at a loose end over Christmas. On Boxing Day we’d go to my sister’s. I’d kind of assumed it would be someone else’s turn by now…

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  4. Yes, you would wouldn’t you. My girls took over the Christmas cooking years ago, and my eldest daughter (unfortunately for her) stepped into my shoes taking on Christmas. But these days, it’s really just her little family and me. Which I like very much. I don’t think I’m really anti social?? I just like peace and quiet.LOL

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